Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2013

paNASH Style reflects on its top ten most popular blog posts of 2013:

  1. Guest blog by Ashley Balding (re-run): The Plight of the Curvy Woman
    "For at least the last decade, it seems to have become a trendy topic to talk about..."
  1. A Reminder to Never Give Up on Your Dreams 
    "I encourage anyone who has ever had a dream and felt like giving up to..."
  1. A Publicist's Viewpoint on a Recording Artist's Image (interview with Christy Walker-Watkins of Aristo PR) 
    "Image is extremely important because it helps the artist to..."
  1. The Hottest Up-and-Coming Fashion Designers
  2. Don't Be Defensive, Be Different! 
    "If you're a business person who knows it's time for some new promo photos, I encourage you to dare to be different this time around by following some of these tips:..."
  3. Tween Style
    "paNASH Style is pleased to present a great example of "tween" style, donned by 11-year-old Mary Elizabeth..."
  1. How to Tactfully Tell Someone They Need Image Consulting
    "Here are a few suggestions of what others have used to refer friends..."  
  2. A Peek Inside the paNASH Style Closet: Mixing Prints
    "I accessorized the outfit with a..."
  3. Princess Kate's Blend of Royal Elegance and "Common" Sense
    "...how Kate shops her own closet, much like we do..."
  1. Accessorize: Our Ability That Separates Us From the Animals
    "Accessories are to clothes what exclamation marks are to..."

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