Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tween Style

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paNASH Style is pleased to present a great example of "tween" style, donned by 
11-year-old Mary Elizabeth of Raleigh, NC. This cute blue dress (from Target) is very age appropriate. Mary Elizabeth's mother Heather says, "We found it the juniors section, and we had to do some creative pinning for a perfect fit because, as a 'tween,' Mary Elizabeth is of course in between girls and juniors sizes. All the stuff in the girls section has glitter or animals on it and she doesn't want that anymore." 

This dress is the perfect compromise for not looking too "babyish" or too mature. Mary Elizabeth smartly accessorizes it with a skinny tan belt and matching sandals, utilizing the style skills she inherited from both her parents! This look is great for back-to-school when the weather is still really hot out! Thank you Heather and Mary Elizabeth for sharing!

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