Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Princess Kate's Blend of Royal Elegance and "Common" Sense

Princess Kate
Princess Kate mixes and matches! (Getty photos)
With all the news surrounding the birth of William and Kate's baby prince this week, I thought it would be appropriate to revisit something I discussed in a blog a little over a year ago. It was a blog about how Kate shops her own closet, much like we do here at paNASH Style with our clients and ourselves.

What does "shopping your closet" mean? It means going through your closet every so often to see what new outfit combinations you can come up with from what you already own. This is the first step we take in working with our clients before we ever go out shopping for new items. It is a fun and creative process, and most importantly it keeps the client from spending their money on things they don't need. (Click here to see some of the examples of outfits we've come up with by shopping our own closets.)

What I love about the Duchess of Cambridge is that, even though she is a duchess, she still lives her life in many ways as a commoner. The fact that she shops her closet and wears items more than once (unlike most royals) is just an example of her elegant yet practical and down-to-earth lifestyle.

We can all get inspiration from Princess Kate's example when shopping our own closets. Take a look here at some of the ways she has used items interchangeably from her royal closet, prior to the need for just as elegant maternity clothes. And who, knows, we might even get to see how she puts a new spin on her maternity wear if she has another baby in the future! After all, a prince and princess are expected to produce an "heir and a spare!"

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