Wednesday, November 6, 2013

paNASH Style Celebrates Six Years of Image Consulting!

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Six years ago, I walked into the county clerk's office here in Nashville to obtain a business license for my newly formed image consulting company. The preceding weeks, I had spent all my spare time conducting research, brainstorming business names, and drafting a business plan. Even after all that planning, it didn't feel official until I walked into that office. I was a little nervous because I knew, once I completed the paperwork, there was no turning back.

I remember how exhilarating and scary it felt beginning such an undertaking, especially since I had no background in business. My undergraduate degree is in psychology, and at the time I secretly wished I had majored in business so I would know exactly what I was doing when it comes to starting a business. But, as I have discovered, I use my psychology degree more than ever when working with my clients, both when styling them and coaching them to develop an image that is true to their music and who they are. God knew what He was doing when he put it on my heart to major in psychology. He also knew what he was doing by having me go on to do career advising before leading me to image consulting. My career advising experience comes in so handy when teaching clients how to market their image in order to further their careers.

I have been so fortunate over these past six years. After thinking I would have to spend a few years working the business part-time before I could ever leave my full-time job at Vanderbilt University's career center, in nine months' time I had left Vandy and was devoting all my time to establishing paNASH Style as a brand. I even got to study under the direct tutelage of my biggest influence, Stacy London from TLC's What Not To Wear 

To say I have been blessed with the clients I've gotten to work with is an understatement! This is not because they are the biggest celebrity names in the music industry (most of them aren't, and that's by design), but because they are the most pleasant and gracious people who work hard and still appreciate the opportunities they've been given to share their music at varying levels of their careers. Also, I've recently been further blessed with the chance to stay connected to the college career advising arena by spending a few hours a week providing career advice to the Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business students at Belmont University. The true blue connections (and you know who you are!) I've made along the way, from conception of the business to most recently its expansion to my four awesome associate stylists, have become some of my closest confidants.

Although some days I still experience doubt and insecurity about either the business or myself as a businessperson, there's something inside me that doesn't let me give up. I know I won't be doing this forever, and I know one day God will make it clear to me when it's time to step down and do something different. That day hasn't come yet and I'm excited to see just where He's going to take paNASH Style and me in the next six years!

To learn more about the history of paNASH Style and my approach to image consulting, check out this feature in The Local Lady of Nashville blog. The Local Lady has a passion for supporting Nashville's local businesses and highlighting their stories.

Coming this Friday for #fashionFriday: a review of the CMA Red Carpet!

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