Friday, January 3, 2014

paNASH Style Client Examples: Bringing Life to Your Business Attire

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In addition to sharing with you our own outfit ideas here at paNASH Style, we also wanted to share with you the outfit combinations we've put together for some of our favorite clients during their closet edits. Many people who've never done a closet edit don't know what to expect, so these examples (along with more to come) will hopefully give you a glimpse of what the process is like. It's always fun for us to use our creativity to come up with new ensembles out of what our clients already own. Each and every time we do a closet edit, the client is always amazed at how many new and different ways they can wear their current clothing! 

January is often filled with gray wintery skies, but that doesn't mean your daily work attire has to be as dull as a lifeless tree. Whether you wear professional or business casual attire, bring some color as fresh as the New Year into your work space to brighten your end-of-the-holiday doldrums!

business casual attire, business casual, cardigans, winter white
For a business casual look, we have topped a pair of our client's winter white work slacks with a navy argyle cardigan worn over a long sleeve aqua top. We chose to put the aqua top with the navy cardigan to add a pop of color and compliment its yellow accent color. It's always better to try to either complement or match up the accent color instead of trying to match the dominant color of a garment so there will be some contrast. This client can also wear this cardigan and top with a pair of skinny jeans outside the office on weekends.

business casual attire, business casual, business professional attire, winter white, jacket, winter white jacket
Winter white is used again in this business attire example, but this time as a jacket over a neutral chocolate brown turtleneck and paired with a very bright and bold tomato red/orange pant. This look could be considered business casual or business professional, depending on what type of industry you're in. While cardigans are always good for business casual attire and to keep you warm in chilly offices, jackets are better options for when you need to exude more authority in your role at work.

business professional attire, job interview attire, work attire, professional attire, jacket, skirt
For a more business professional look, a black jacket with a skirt is always a good choice, but here we kept it from looking boring and stuffy by using a textured skirt with a bold royal blue top and a nice long complimenting necklace.

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