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How To Tactfully Tell Someone They Need Image Consulting

After being on a much needed vacation last week, I am playing catch up this week. Finding time to write a new blog entry for this week has been a challenge, so I'm pulling one out of the archives to "re-run" this week. There will be lots of new ones coming up so stay tuned!

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Originally posted as "The NON-Awkward Way To Refer a Friend for Image Consulting" on January 2, 2013:

In working with my clients, they always comment on how much fun it is to have me help them with their wardrobe or their presentation of themselves.  They get so excited that they want to share their excitement with friends and family by encouraging them to also experience it for themselves.  They will say, "Oh this would be so great for my friend/spouse/sibling/parent/fill in the blank ___!  I think they would love it!"

However, what many clients run into when trying to encourage their loved one to experience what they've experienced, is difficulty in doing so without making the other party feel insulted.  They are worried their loved one's reaction will be, "What, you think my image is bad and therefore needs help?"  (AWKWARD!)

So, how do you suggest to someone what a great thing it would be for them to work with paNASH Style?  Many of paNASH Style's clients come from referrals and by word-of-mouth.  Here are a few suggestions of what others have used to refer friends to our services:  
  • Emphasize that it's not all about looks.  Let them know that paNASH Style is all about helping people develop various aspects of people's image for the purpose of helping them succeed in their personal and professional goals.  Inform them that in addition to wardrobe styling and personal shopping services, paNASH Style also provides:
    • Interview prep/coaching for job interviews, meetings with labels/publishers, and media interviews
    • Resume and bio writing services
  • Focus on the benefits.  Tell your friends that working with paNASH Style ultimately leads to:
    • Peace of mind (about what to wear and what to say in certain situations)
    • More confidence
    • Improved self-image
    • Positive attention from the right people
    • Potential opportunities (i.e. job promotion or job offers, interest from key industry leaders)
  • Show how it helps others.  There is often a trickle-down effect from the benefits of image consulting.  Many clients see how their new-found confidence affects their relationships with co-workers and family members.  They also see how it sets a positive example for their children to follow.  
  • Give them a taste of our services.  If they seem a little reticent at first, give them a copy of the book Advance Your Image: Putting Your Best Foot Forward Never Goes Out of Style so they can learn more about the importance of image consulting, or offer to set up an initial consultation with us so they can have a chance to discuss their initial questions or concerns.
If after that they're still not convinced, feel free to share with them what others have experienced with paNASH style on our "Client Testimonials" page.  Most of all let them know that your encouragement comes from a place of love for them and enthusiasm for what you yourself have received from the experience.  Certainly they've noticed what it's done for you.  Let them know they can have that too!

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