Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top Ten Most Popular paNASH Style Blog Posts of 2012

I hope that you have found this past year's paNASH Style blog posts informative, helpful, and most of all encouraging.  Now that we've reached the end of 2012, it's time to look back on some of the year's most popular posts with our very own "Top Ten List":
  1. Can There Be Both Style AND Professionalism in Job Interview Attire? The #1 paNASH Style blog post of 2012 garnered thousands and thousands of views and continues to do so.  Perhaps its popularity is due to the fact that the post evolved from my Pinterest board I created to provide examples of job interview attire that has style and personality.
  2. Designers and Musicians Do It At Home.  Anyone with talent, drive, and initiative now has more opportunity to grow in their art.
  3. See What's Blossoming in Spring 2012 Fashion Trends.  We can still look back on warmer days as we prepare ourselves for this winter.
  4. Guest Blog: How to Dress for an Interview.  paNASH Style loves having guest bloggers who have relevant information to share! 
  5. Guest Blog: A Mother's Fashion Accessory by Jessa R. Sexton.  Jessa provides style tips to help you not become "that mom" (you know the one, the "falling-into-a-style-rut mom").
  6. The Jury Is Still Out!  When Is Casual Attire TOO Casual?  Isn't it time we've had this conversation?
  7. Think Before You Speak.  Don't learn this lesson the hard way!
  8. The Latest Men's Fashion Trends.  Yes, paNASH Style caters to the male population as well (about 50% of our clients are male).  Men must put forth some effort too in the personal grooming/appearance department.  (Guys, if you're not convinced, you may want to check out this other 2012 blog post: "The Cost of a Valentine's Date")
  9. Empowered to Discover Yourself & Your Purpose.  What if just taking one little step with your wardrobe could lead to discovering your purpose?
  10. The Definition of Edgy is Not Found in a Dictionary!  How do you define "edgy"?
I enjoy so much sharing topics such as these with my readers and my clients and excited about the many topics I already have planned for 2013.  Stay tuned and happy New Year!

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