Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Guest Blog: How to Dress for an Interview

Since this is the time of year that recent college grads are going through job interviews, I thought it would be nice to have guest blogger Kat Krull share a few tips on interview attire.  Keep in mind that appropriate interview attire can vary from industry to industry, so always do your research to determine if the conservative/business professional attire described in this week's blog is the preferred choice of the industry or company with which you are interviewing.  Enjoy!

If you have received an invitation to a job, it means you’ve already made a great impression thanks to your optimized resume. But now you need to prepare for another first impression: your appearance at the interview. What should you wear?

Here are some general tips for both men and women on proper interview attire:


     Suit, preferably a solid color such as dark grey or navy (avoid black since for men it tends to be too formal in an interview)
     Dress shoes
     Dark socks (should blend in with pant color)
     Belt (should match shoe color)
     Long sleeve shirt (coordinated with suit and tie)
     Nice watch, cufflinks, and/or a tie clip (choose one)
     Trimmed fingernails
     Little or no cologne
     Portfolio or briefcase


     Suit, preferably a solid color such as navy, dark grey, or black (women can wear black for interviews without it looking too formal, but it’s only recommended if it works for your skin tone)
     Conservative shoes
     Nice blouse (coordinated with suit)
     Simple jewelry
     Light makeup
     Little or no perfume
     Neatly manicured nails
     Portfolio or briefcase (in place of a purse)

It’s also important to note that a professional hairstyle is a must for both men and women. It should be neat and professional -- for men, this might mean a fresh haircut or a small amount of styling gel in their hair; for women, keeping your hair off your face is imperative to eliminate distraction.

Although you should look as professional as possible, you also need to be comfortable in your interview attire. Prior to interview day, be sure to try on your outfit to ensure it fits well. If it needs adjustment, take it to a tailor so you won’t end up tugging on it throughout the interview.

Confidence during your interview is an important part of appearing professional and capable. By choosing the right clothing and accessories, your outfit can help you feel more confident about yourself and make a great impression on the employer.

What’s your go-to interview outfit? Why do you think it works so well?

Kat Krull is the Marketing Manager of Resunate, a job application tool that tailors and optimizes your resume for specific jobs.  You can find Kat and Resunate on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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