Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Definition of Edgy is Not Found in a Dictionary! It Lies Just Outside Your Comfort Zone.

Claire Wilkinson, Robbie Quinn
paNASH Style client singer/songwriter Claire Wilkinson (photo: Robbie Quinn)

Recently I came across a blog post that tries to define the style term "edgy."  It's a tricky term because it's very subjective.  I have clients who have come to me and said, "Make me look edgy!"  But before I can do this, they must be able to tell me (or at least show me from pictures on Pinterest or in magazines) what edgy means to them because it means different things to different people.  For one of my artist clients, edgy could mean something really off the wall like a pair of Steampunk goggles and a wacky pair of shoes; whereas for a client who for instance works as a news anchor, edgy could mean something as simple as wearing a sleeveless top or cutting two inches off her hair

It's always a lot of fun to work with clients who are eager to step slightly out of their comfort zone, no matter where their current comfort zone may be.  It's awesome to see the sudden boost in their confidence once they are can see in the mirror what they have been picturing in their heads.  So what is the outer edge of your comfort zone?  How do you define edgy?

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