Wednesday, December 11, 2013

10 Fashion Fixes From Head to Toe

Monday I shared an outfit idea that included a different way to tie a scarf. I found the instructions on how to tie the scarf from none other than Pinterest (I’ve posted various ways to tie scarves to my Pinterest board named “Fashion Tricks & Fixes”). In addition to others’ ideas I’ve pinned, below are listed some of my own tried and true head-to-toe tricks and fixes I’ve used over the years. I wanted to share them exclusively with my blog readers. Enjoy!
  1. This is less of a fashion fix, but more of a beauty fix:  dust Baby Powder in the roots of your hair to make hair easier to style, to prevent or remove oiliness, and for faux blondes, to temporarily cover your roots until you can get back into the salon.
  2. Make a non-adjustable chain necklace shorter or slightly longer by using a small safety pin to connect the two ends (just make sure the safety pin and excess chain length is hidden by your collar or your hair).
  3. To prevent the annoying shoulder bumps caused by clothes hangers, hang the garment inside out, preferably on a padded or wooden hanger.
  4. Use a makeup wedge to remove makeup or deodorant marks from clothing.
  5. I’ve tried everything to remove pills from my sweaters, from battery-operated sweater shavers which just remove lint at best to pumice stones and even Velcro rollers which have done more damage than good. What I've just recently discovered to work best is a simple disposable razor (I use one with just a twin blade).
  6. Condition your leather jackets by buffing them with a soft cloth and Vaseline. No need to spend money on leather conditioner. Vaseline works just as well, if not better!
  7. To prevent button threads from coming loose, put a dab of clear nail polish on the crisscross threads in the center of the button. (This one is a new one for me!)
  8. An Invisibelt is a great solution for a gaping waistband or for skinny jeans that feel like they are sliding off your hips. 
  9. Speaking of belts, if an outfit feels boxy or boring, put a fashion belt (skinny or corset) over the outfit around your natural waist. This usually solves 90% of the fashion “blahs.”
  10. Apply a Band-Aid Friction Block Stick (or regular ole anti-perspirant which also works just as well) to your feet where shoes rub to prevent painful blisters.
You'll find more paNASH Style fashion tips throughout this blog and in the Amazon #1 bestselling book Advance Your Image (which makes for a great stocking stuffer!). Have some tips of your own? Please share in the comment section below!
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