Monday, December 9, 2013

A Peek Inside the paNASH Style Closet: Winter Cozy

Even though it's not officially winter until December 21st, we've already been experiencing wintery weather here in Nashville for several days in a row. On this cold gray Monday, I decided to wear something that would keep me both cozy and comfy.

Sweater: Forever 21; scarf: Old Navy; fleece-lined leggings: Target; and cognac riding boots: Off Broadway Shoes

This cable knit sweater is so cozy and versatile. I often wear it over one of my other most versatile pieces, a denim shirt. And I cannot describe just how soft and warm these fleece-lined leggings are! I love them for winter, especially since jeans do not keep my legs warm enough when it's windy and the temperatures are freezing. To learn how to tie a scarf the way I have here, check out this instructional video (it may take a few tries, so be patient!). I've had my cognac riding boots for a few of years now and they have maintained their quality in that time. They keep my feet warm in the winter and look great with jeans, leggings, boot socks and dresses. To add a pop of color, I did a red lip which complimented the forest green scarf and cream sweater, giving the look a festive holiday feel without crossing over into "holiday tacky."

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