Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Is It Time For a Hairstyle Change? Part II

This is a repeat of a blog post from back in August entitled "Is It Time For a Hairstyle Change?"  I've decided to re-post it because I just got some new promo photos done to reflect the major change in my own hairstyle.  While over the years I've always changed the length of my hair or made subtle color changes to my natural blond hue, I've never made any drastic changes in my hair color until now.  This fall I decided to go red and have to say I really love it!  The best part is how much fun it is to observe my friends' and acquaintances' reactions when they see it for the first time.  I can't wait to experiment with even more shades of red!  I encourage you to have fun trying something new too, just as the article suggests.

Before (photo by Michael Gomez)
After (photo by Jason Krupek)

Below is an excerpt from an article I recently read about changing your hairstyle.  Since your hair is somewhat of an accessory, it can be one of the main things that, when changed even subtly, can really bring your look up to a new level.  This is something I talk about in my individual work with clients, my presentations, and in my book, indicating that you should always change your hairstyle every so often to keep your look fresh and modern.  I personally have always been one to flip-flop back and forth between long and short styles because I can get bored with the same old thing.  This article is a reminder to me of the boredom I've been feeling of late with my current hairstyle, so I'm planning some changes for this fall.  Maybe this article will also serve as an encouragement to you to either step outside your own comfort zone, or at least dip your toe in for a subtle yet powerful change!
by Sally McGraw  (click here to read the entire article)
1. You CAN outgrow a once-perfect hairstyle. The "perfect" style that you nailed five years ago might not be as "perfect" now if your wardrobe, body or face has shifted. If you're in college and have been sporting the same style since you were 16, you may look like you haven't matured. If you're in your fifties and have been sporting the same style since you were 40, your cut may age you. When people see the same coif without any tweaks, they may focus on how other aspects of you appearance have changed in comparison to your unchanged hairstyle.

2. Change can be for the better. If you don't tinker with your hairstyle every so often, you'll never know if an even better style is possible!

3. There's a huge difference between "refining" and "changing." Subtle change can be incredibly effective at keeping your look fresh. Add some layers, get a few highlights or lowlights, explore new updos, get some barrettes or headbands into rotation, add bangs, grow out your bangs, try a new product, add or change color, straighten or curl your locks a few times a week. It doesn't have to be a complete overhaul, just a well-considered tweak.

4. Regularly re-examining your style is a valuable practice. Many of us evaluate our wardrobes and purge out the unnecessary items every SEASON. Forcing yourself to take a long, hard look at your hairstyle about once per year can be just as refreshing. When you stop seeing yourself, you run the risk of stifling your own style. Look often and look honestly at your gorgeous self, and make sure you're doing your utmost to highlight your best features.
For those who decide to follow Sally McGraw's advice, I'd love to see your new look!  Feel free to email me your "after" look (and send me your "before" look too if you want!) and maybe I'll just feature it on a future blog!

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