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Even Kate Middleton Shops In Her Own Closet

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As I've mentioned in previous blogs, one of the best ways to refresh your wardrobe without spending any money on new clothes is to go shopping in your own closet.  This means making new outfits out of what you already have.  Hey, even Princess Kate Middleton, one of the biggest fashion icons of our day, does it (check out how she does it here).  So if royalty can do it, so can anybody else! 

However, it can sometimes be challenging to come up with new ideas for your current garments because you're so used to seeing them in one way.  It helps to have a fresh eye come in with new vision and new ideas for your clothing.  Closet shopping is one of my favorite services I offer my clients because it allows me to be creative and it inspires the client and gets his or her creative juices flowing too.  I especially love it when I'm able to show a client several ways to put to use an item that has just been sitting in their closet with the tags still on it.  When that happens, they no longer feel the guilt of having spent the money on that item.  That burden has been lifted. 

The photos above are ones from a closet shopping session I did with a client about three years ago (doesn't she just look like an adorable Kate Middleton? - And that was taken back in 2009, well before Kate had become the style icon she is today!)  For this particular client, I was able to come up with 12 new outfits just from her own closet! 

How many new outfits can we create from your closet?  Email me at if you want to find out! 

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