Friday, July 26, 2013

A Peek Inside the paNASH Style Closet: Versatile Looks

Today's peek inside the paNASH Style closet comes from one of our new Associate Stylists, Sophie Harris. Sophie's experience includes creating fashion designs that have been featured in USA Today and the annual Eloise Fashion Show. A senior fashion design student at O'More College of Design, Sophie's areas of expertise include men's fashions and women's styling, design, and clothing construction. Previously, she worked as an intern for recording artist Gary Allan's clothing store The Label. Check out her style aesthetic for both men and women.
This is how I took my favorite shirt from my closet and transformed it into three different looks by tying, tucking, and tossing (Tweet this)! It goes great with touches of coral, this season's hottest color. (Shirt purchased at Urban Outfitters.)

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