Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Feeling Overwhelmed? Don't Let Clothes Shopping Get the Best of You

Photo by Marko M. Marila, Creative Commons

Many of my new clients tell me that shopping on their own is really hard, mostly because they just feel so overwhelmed by all the clothing choices they face when they walk into the store.  Can you relate?  Some feel so overwhelmed that they just give up before they even get started (this is exactly how I feel about Black Friday shopping, which is one of many reasons why I don't do it!).

But, clothes shopping becomes a whole different experience for my clients when they have my help.  Instead of coming into a store full of too many confusing options, they get some VIP treatment.  They bypass the rest of the store and come straight to the dressing room I have ready for them, neatly filled only with items based on their own body type, lifestyle/career, budget, and personal style (and just for fun, a few experimental items to push the boundaries of their style comfort zone).  Once we've narrowed down the items in the dressing room, we start supplementing those items with a few of the store's other items, allowing the clients to become comfortable with the rest of the store and to get used to choosing items from larger selections.

I've noticed two things that happen with this approach I use in my personal shopping services.  First, the client starts to actually enjoy the shopping process (even my male clients!).  So many of them who usually hate shopping tell me how much fun they are having.  Second, I notice my clients learning as we go, developing a better understanding of what to look for when faced with many options.  By the end of the session they start getting the hang of how to put together whole looks from what they find (instead of just copying the looks on the mannequins).

So, what about you?  Do you also feel overwhelmed when trying to shop for yourself?  If so, what specifically triggers those feelings?  Let us know and we'll try to give you a few tips in the comments section below.  If you know you'd like to receive some of the VIP treatment of your own (or want to give some VIP treatment as a gift this holiday season), email me at to discuss setting up a personal shopping session for you.  We'd love to work with you!

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