Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wardrobe Styling Wins the Popular Vote!

Photo from Riches for Rags

Thank you to those who voted last week on the type of topics you enjoy most on the paNASH Style blog!  Topics such as wardrobe styling and inspirational/motivational received the popular vote (no worries about trying to figure out the Electoral College process here!)!  And now that the presidential election is over, we can start to allow our attention to focus on some fun stuff (like style and fashion!) instead of on all those negative campaign ads.  Just last month during the "Dress Your Best" workshop, I got to teach a fun group of women some of the style tips that I use when working with my clients.  Here's a little bit of what they learned:
  • "The class helped me to see what I need to focus on when spending my money on clothes and accessories."
  • "I enjoyed learning how to make new outfits out of what I already have and how to use an article of clothing for more than one season."
  • "I learned how to emphasize my physical assets and how to camouflage my figure flaws."
  • "I liked the demonstrations of how to put together whole outfits from separates and how to make a boring outfit dynamic with just a few accessories!"
  • "I really liked the examples of different styles and how different clothes can work together which taught me how to think about my current wardrobe in an 'outside-the-box' kind of way!"
One of the topics we covered in the workshop was how to mix prints.  The photo above is an example from Pinterest that I shared in the most recent paNASH Style newsletter (if you aren't subscribed to the newsletter yet, you can do so at and receive two free downloads!).  This outfit shows that mixing prints can be done in a classy (not wacky) kind of way.  You can mix a bold print with a subtle print, two bold prints in the same color palette, and more.  Don't be afraid to experiment.  (In other words, don't worry about what others may think!)

Many of you have contacted me saying you wish you could have attended the workshop but were unable to due to other obligations.  No worries because I plan to hold another workshop in the spring!  Be sure to check the paNASH Style web site and sign up for future newsletters to keep up with announcements and updates!

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