Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Securing a Good Team: A Key to Success in the Music Industry

While attending the "Conversation with Joe Galante" event back in March at BMI (hosted by YEP Young Entertainment Professionals and MusicRow), I listened to what the former Chairman of Sony Music Nashville said were the top five things labels look for in a potential new act:
  1. Uniqueness
  2. Drive
  3. One who has secured a good team
  4. Good listening skills
  5. What they have done in regards to live performances.  
In preparing my unsigned artists and acts for meetings with labels, together we uncover the best and most genuine way the artist or act can articulate their uniqueness and drive, while also teaching them to really listen to the questions being asked.

Yes, uniqueness is most important, which is probably why Galante mentioned this attribute at the top of his list.  But, having a good team is just as important, and an artist's or band's image can have a huge impact on the development of their team, as you'll learn in the video clip below.

Click here to learn about securing a good team.

Also presenting at the event in March were the founders and developers of the new music app Artist Growth, the recent winner of the MTV O Music Award for best music app, beating out industry leaders such as Spotify and Live Nation. The innovative app is designed to empower artists to participate in the business side of music without being distracted from their creativity.

One of the app's tools is AGtv, a multimedia portal of expertise and advice shared by music industry leaders discussing promotion, songwriting, artist development, imaging, and so much more.  Each expert has their own AGtv channel composed of clips of advice in their particular area of expertise (like the one you saw above).  It's an honor to be included among so many other great experts and to be a part of this awesome award-winning app!

Learn more about Artist Growth here:

Artist Growth
Click here for a preview of Lori's AGtv Channel
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