Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Are You Stuck, or Are You Evolving? What Getting Out of Your Style Rut Can Do For Your Life

Often times in my blog I talk about how, when working with artists' image and style, my goal is not to make them into something they're not.  That will always be the goal.  However, sometimes it's necessary to encourage an artist to grow their style just as they grow their career and their craft. 

Just last week, I read a blog written by a fellow stylist entitled "Dear Britney, We Love You, Now Change Your Style," encouraging Britney Spears to get "unstuck" from her current look and let her style evolve into a more sophisticated look, just like other pop artists and celebrities have successfully done including Victoria Beckham, Courtney Love, Nicole Richie, Kelly Osbourne, and others.  While the genre of country music seems to have more artists than most other genres who choose not to heed this advice, there are ones who embrace style evolution without forsaking their identity including Martina McBride, Reba, and Keith Urban (have you seen him on the cover of this month's Australia GQ?).

Getting Out of Your Style Rut
Martina McBride joining Keith Urban on stage at his 2007 Nashville show. (Photo by yours truly!)
But it's not just recording artists and celebrities who have to reinvent themselves and evolve in their style.  It's everyday people like you and me.  While the basis for our personalities never really changes, many aspects of our personalities evolve as we go through life and have new experiences.  I'm sure you're not the same person you were in junior high or high school that you are today, so why would you still have the same taste in style and clothing as you did then?

While some people's style evolves, others' gets stuck.  Their style growth often becomes stunted during a specific time or experience in their life, such as college or when they were overweight.  They continue to dress the way they did during that time, even though they are no longer in college or they have lost the weight.

However, continuing to dress in a way that either brings comfort to old wounds or reminds you of your glory days could be holding you back from the future glory days that are in store for you.  Can you think of opportunities you may have missed out on because you knew it would require you to update your image?  You're missing today's and tomorrow's opportunities because you're looking back instead of moving forward.  Are you ready to get "unstuck"?  If so, let's talk.  Taking the first step can be the scariest step of all, but subsequent steps become easier, leading to freedom to reach your full potential!

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