Friday, August 28, 2009

Fierce Moms

Watching last night’s "Mommy-to-Be" challenge on Project Runway made me think of one of my favorite clients, a beautiful mother of three young girls. I started working with her when she out-bid on a silent auction item for a wardrobe edit I had donated. This woman was so excited to get started! She had always considered herself a cute dresser prior to having her girls, but like most moms, she had become accustomed to putting herself last and had kind of lost touch with her personal style. She eventually realized that, by not taking the time to invest a little in herself, she could potentially be setting a bad example for her daughters. Instead, she decided to set a positive example for her girls and started working with me to help her update her wardrobe. She soon found the benefits included more than just serving as a role model to her girls. Her friends started asking her if she had lost weight and her husband was always complimenting her on how great she looked. She felt cute again and her confidence went through the roof! It’s results like those that make my job as an image consultant so rewarding.

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