Friday, March 20, 2009

Quote on Quote

One of the things I collect (in addition to shoes) is quotes. I’ve been collecting a variety of quotes for ten years now, but only have about 325 of them because I am very selective in the ones I list in my notebook. Typically I don’t go out seeking these quotes, I let them find me. And I only make note of those that speak to me about the things I am either enjoying or struggling with in life at that time. Therefore, my list reads almost like a personal journal. I can look back at them and remember why I selected that quote at that particular time and reflect on what I was going through at that time. Along the way, I have found some quotes that relate to what I do in my business as an image consultant and personal stylist. These are ones that I think best describe my unique approach to fashion and style. I hope that, by sharing with you these quotes and my thoughts on them, you will see that both paNASH Style and Lori Bumgarner are about instilling confidence in people rather than being materialistic or judging others based on what they wear. I plan to share a new quote with you each week or as often as I have the time to blog. Some are deep, some are very matter-of-fact, and others are just plain funny. I hope you enjoy!

“People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile.” Lee Mildon

Part 1 of this quote: Don’t clean out your closet just yet. People seldom notice your older clothing items when you pair them with different or newer items from your closet. You can make new outfits out of what’s currently in your closet, as long as your older items still fit, are still in style, and are still in good condition. I help my clients all the time take the items they already have and create new looks by putting them with things (separates, jackets, shoes, accessories) in their closets that they had never considered pairing them up with before. “Shopping” in your closet helps you find new outfits without spending a dime! If you want to see what kind of new outfits I can come up with your current wardrobe, contact me to schedule a wardrobe edit!

Part 2 of this quote: The best accessory you can wear is a smile, and I mean a genuine smile. A genuine smile is one where you are smiling not only with a toothy grin, but also with your eyes. It is very difficult to smile with your eyes if you are not giving a toothy grin. One of my pet peeves is pictures of people who don’t ever show their teeth when smiling for a snapshot. To me, this is a fake smile. These are the kind of smiles that are trying to hide something, even if it’s only something as small as a gap in their teeth or braces. When I was 12, I had braces, but that never stopped me from giving a big toothy grin for the camera. I declared at that time that the tin grin was in! I have known so many people who want to hide their teeth in pictures that they end up just looking kind of ridiculous because they are masking their true emotions in the moment. I remember seeing on television a show about a woman getting married. At the end of the show, they showed several of the photographer’s pictures from her wedding. There was not one picture of her with her teeth showing, and she didn’t have bad teeth! Of all days and all pictures being taken, these should have been the ones where she was smiling the biggest and the brightest. I understand that some people don’t like their teeth and it makes them self conscious, but trust me when I say a genuine smile, yellow teeth and all, looks much better than an obviously contrived smile. So remember to done your best, most genuine smile, no matter where you are or who’s taking your picture!

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