Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Artist Bios: How The Experts Say They Should Be Written

As an independent artist, have you ever tried to write your own bio? It's often awkward for people to talk about themselves in the written word. I see it in self-written artist bios, resumes, cover letters, and more. People oftentimes are concerned about coming across as conceited or cocky. But, if you don't grab the readers' attention from the beginning, they won't keep reading.

It's often easier to hire someone like myself to write a bio for you. My clients always comment on how I was able to say what they wanted in a way they didn't know how to. I strive to tell their story in a compelling way that entices the reader to not only want to read more but to also want to listen to their music. In addition to a full bio, my clients get abridged versions of their bio to provide to media outlets and other inquiring sources.

Here's what recognized thought leader in the digital PR world and founder of CyberPR Ariel Hyatt has to say about bios:
Your bio should NOT just be a “who, what, when, where, why” or a list of...accolades. Invest in having a bio written that brings out your signature story. This should be a compelling and relatable story that evokes an emotional response from the reader.

Post a 1) long form, 2) 250 word, 3) 100 word and 4) a Tweet-sized bio and you have pre-delivered every possible type of bio request that may come your way (no one will ever ask you to edit your bio down again or worse, edit it for you and forget the most important parts).
So, whether you hire someone like Ariel or me to write your bio, or you decide to take a stab at it yourself, always keep the above in mind. To see samples of bios written for paNASH Style clients, click here, and let us know if we can be of help in getting your bio together! We'd love to help you tell your story!

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