Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What Moms Secretly Wish For On Mother's Day

Just recently I heard on a morning radio show that when asked what they want for Mother's Day, most moms secretly wish for a day to themselves, especially if they have small children. Well, now that Easter is over and Mother's Day is just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about giving your mom (or the mother of your children) what she wants.

A day to herself could be a chance for her to just go to the mall and shop at her leisure without having to push a stroller or having a child pulling on her pants leg begging to go to the toy store. It's a day to treat herself to the things she likes instead of having to spend money on one more diaper bag or little pink princess costume.

Looking Back

I remember one of my first clients, a mother of three beautiful girls, had been wearing her grandmother's hand-me-downs because she was always shopping for clothes for her daughters instead of for herself. She had completely lost her sense of style and who she was.

The client's husband treated her to a personal shopping day with paNASH Style, and he forbid her to buy anything that wasn't for herself. However, we did break her husband's rule...we got her a couple of outfits that were really for him: a sexy top and a slinky dress, something he hadn't seen her in for years! He loved it and she came back a renewed woman!

The VIP Treatment For Moms

So, if you are a mom reading this and wish you could have the same kind of VIP treatment for your Mother's Day, feel free to slip this link ( to your children or husband (I've learned that obvious hints work better than subtle ones!). Or if you want to pamper your own mom, you can do so with a paNASH Style gift certificate.

With the certificate comes an extra hour of service for free. I'm not a mom and I no longer have a mother of my own, so this is my way of giving on this special day. The certificate can be used at any time, so Mom can actually spend Mother's Day with her loving children AND also have a day to herself!

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