Friday, February 21, 2014

paNASH Style Client Examples: Just Add a Belt!

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Just add a belt!
As I've stated in previous blogs, belts are a great accessory for pulling an outfit together and creating a flattering hourglass look. Below are some examples of belts we've used to complete outfits we've put together from past client wardrobe edits. What I typically find when doing wardrobe edits is that belts are the things most people lack in their closets. These clients had some great belts, so here's how we used them:

Use thin belts. 
If the belt is too long, use some creative loop and knot techniques to create a trendy look.

Use wide belts.
While your belt can match your shoes or boots, you don't always have to follow this rule. 
Have a little fun breaking the rules and trying different combinations!

 Use belts of different colors or prints (like the one in the first example).
This can create interest and a pop of color to break up too many neutrals.

Wear belts over (and not just under) jackets.
Here we have a black belt over top a white jacket, creating some great contrast.
And, notice that the shoes are example of how you don't always have to match your belt to your shoes.

If you need help finding the right belts to have in your own closet, let us know!

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