Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Transformation: From the Outside to the Inside

Many of you have seen the following video floating around the internet this week:

Each time I've helped serve dinner at the Nashville Rescue Mission, I've had to choke back tears as the veterans who are homeless come through the line. I think to myself, "This should not be happening to them after all they've sacrificed for our freedom." I'm sure it's not coincidental that this video has surfaced around the same time as Veterans Day.

The video serves as a reminder to reach out to those in need. It's also a reminder to me what a difference the work us image consultants, hair stylists, and makeup artists can make in someone's life. Notice from the video it's only after the makeover that Jim had the confidence to take control of his life and make changes for the better.

You can help someone else in the same way, either by donating suits to organizations like Dressed For Success, giving a gift certificate for a haircut to someone you know is in need but can't afford it, or making a monetary donation to organizations like the one listed in the video or listed here. Confidence and encouragement can be some of the best gifts to give to someone in need!

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