Monday, October 28, 2013

Importance of Media Training

ABC's Nashville

If you keep up with the ABC hit show Nashville, you saw last week how the record label set up their newest artists with media training. You also saw just how important it is in being prepared for the media, being able to think on your feet, and answering with confidence. Here's a synopsis of what happened:  
...Layla uses Scarlett’s trusting nature against her at a red carpet event; earlier in the episode a media trainer tries to prepare Scarlett for working a red carpet and speaking to media. Later in the dressing room while preparing for the show, Layla notices Scarlett trying to memorize her talking points; Layla rips up the notes and tells Scarlett to be herself. That advice proves disastrous after a reporter asks Scarlett about her uncle Deacon’s car wreck. (Source: MusicRow; watch the full episode here.)
While there is truth to the importance of being yourself in a media interview, you can't just expect to go in and wing it. The advice the media trainer character provided was spot on. One of my favorite things I get to work with my clients on is media training. Click here to check out some of the media training tips I've provided in past blogs.

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