Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Accessorizing For Any Occasion

This week's blog comes to you from our intern Caroline Mitchell.
fashion accessories
 fashion accessorizing

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, accessorizing is a crucial, yet oftentimes overlooked part of making an outfit appropriate. Accessorizing is the best way to express your personal style with any outfit for any occasion!! (Tweet this)
The first step in knowing what is “accessory appropriate” is to become familiar with the occasion you will be attending and to do your research. If the occasion is invitation-only, look at the invitation and decide if it is a formal or casual event. Keep in mind if the event is in the morning or early afternoon, it will typically be less formal as opposed to an evening event. Also consider the event’s location. If the occasion will be taking place outside it will typically be more casual. If the event is open to the public such as a concert or a grand opening, go online to see what people have worn at previous events similar to these.
After you determine whether the event is casual or formal, decide on your outfit. Obviously there are going to be some outfits that are more occasion-appropriate than others, so based on your research, choose wisely. Once you decide your outfit, make the outfit your own by accessorizing! Accessorizing can make or break an outfit. If the event is casual, choose simpler, more delicate accessories. If the occasion is formal, try chucky jewels that add a little glam, but when in doubt, stay classic. One of the best ways to be occasion-appropriate is to stay with classic pieces that can be either dressy or casual.
Finally, wear your outfit with confidence! Your outfit should reflect your personality and your personal style so love who you are and rock it! Love your style, love your outfit, and love you. After all, confidence is your best accessory! (Tweet this)
-Are pearls too much? Pearls will forever be a classic item and they can be casual or dressy and work for any occasion! Don’t been afraid to wear them with some flare! 
-What if the event is outside? Be selective about your heels when going to an outdoor event – you don’t want them to sink into the gravel, grass, etc. Instead, try dressier flats or wedge heels! 
-Are hats ok? Hats are a great way to dress up or dress down an outfit, but are often times forgotten about as an accessory! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your long-lost hats! 
-Big earrings or small earrings? If you’re wearing a larger necklace, try going smaller with the earrings to balance everything out. However, if you’re wearing no necklace, I would always go with the bigger earrings opposed to wearing studs. Earrings can add a lot to a simple outfit. 
-How many bracelets are too many bracelets? Pinterest is showing us lately that arm candy is trending! Don’t be afraid to mix and match that cuff with bangle bracelets and an oversized watch!  Do keep in mind the setting in which this occasion will be taking place. If it will be a quieter setting, try not to wear several bracelets that will clink and be loud and distracting. 

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