Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Have No Fear

The first time someone considers working with an image consultant, oftentimes he or she experiences a twinge (or maybe more than a twinge) of fear. Potential clients know they will have to face such things as their self-esteem and body image, which requires quite a bit of vulnerability. Fear of this can paralyze them to the point of not going through with the steps needed to take for the improvement they desire to see.

Last week I read a blog that talks about a similar fear singers and musicians experience when having to go on stage, especially if it's the kind of stage fright that's more intense than just the normal jitters right before a live performance. It was written by my good friend and colleague, Amy Wolter from Tom Jackson Productions.

Amy and everyone at Tom Jackson Productions has a similar philosophy in working with those who struggle with similar fears as we do here at paNASH Style. That philosophy is to help our clients focus on their unique strengths and assets, and to learn to love themselves. These are the first steps in overcoming fear.

Click here to read Amy's entire article. And as I mentioned in one of last week's blog posts, I'll be speaking at the Tom Jackson Bootcamp about how to start improving your image. This is a safe setting to take the first step in improving your image and onstage performance since no one will be singled out or have to reveal anything personal about themselves if he or she does not desire to do so.

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