Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Branding for Recording Artists: What's The Point?

"I'm always looking for some point of differentiation.  Unless you can differentiate yourself at key points, then there's really no point."
Mike Dungan of Capitol Records Nashville, from his guest appearance on Celebrity Apprentice 3

From Dungan's statement above, it's obvious how important it is for a recording artist or songwriter to be unique and to be able to articulate that uniqueness.  But being unique is probably a lot easier than trying to put that distinction into words.  And just because it's difficult doesn't give an artist the excuse to ignore the need to develop their selling points.  They can't afford to!

Just ask the client of mine who recently got signed to a publishing deal with BMG Chrysalis.  After spending time preparing her on how to sell herself in interviews with publishers, she was able to not only land a deal but also garner interest from more than one publisher so that she could have options when making her decision.  Or ask the client of mine who recently was selected from the closed auditions of NBC's The Voice to appear on the season opener starting Monday.  She already had the talent to win over the judges, but it was having the ability to express her uniqueness in the interview with the casting agent that sealed the deal for her.

In two weeks, I'll be presenting a program at NSAI SongPosium on how other singers and songwriters can learn to effectively communicate their unique differentiators, in addition to the program I'll be presenting on an artist's overall image.  The program "Who Is (Insert Your Name Here)?" will include hands-on reflective activities to help you:
  • Determine your unique differentiators
  • Define your brand
  • Enhance your brand
  • Articulate your brand
  • and more!
My other program entitled "IMAGE: Yeah, It's THAT Important (for Artists AND Songwriters!)" will cover:
  • The components of your image and your brand
  • The importance of image
  • Tips for your look
  • Before and after examples
  • and more!
My classes and the other 140 SongPosium classes are filling up, so click here to register now!

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