Thursday, May 10, 2012

Do You Resonate With Decision Makers? Resumes that Get Their Attention

Well, as I stated last week, paNASH Style will be rolling out some new things for our clients in the coming weeks and months.  One of those new things is already here!  It's the paNASH Style Resume Makeover Package!  So many of our clients are professionals in the music industry and other industries who have lost their jobs due to the current economy and are needing to dust off their resumes to apply for new a new job.  A resume makeover is the necessary first step to become competitive in today's job market.  

Your resume is only useful if it makes it past the company's automated resume screening software.  The new paNASH Style Resume Makeover Package is designed to do just that.  Powered by Resunate, the paNASH Style Resume Makeover Package will increase your chances of making it through the resume filtering systems without having to manually change your wording of your resume for each job.  The package includes:
  • Resume guidelines and format suggestions.
  • Samples of both targeted and skills resume formats.
  • Action word list.
  • One-on-one, personalized resume critique.
  • A 6-month premium subscription to Resunate, an advanced resume builder that allows you to create job-specific resumes which can double your chances of landing an interview.
  • Cover letter template.
  • and more!
For resume and cover letter tips, check out the paNASH Style blog entries on resumes and cover lettersClick here to order the paNASH Style Resume Makeover Package!

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