Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Turning the Tables

Photo: paNASH Style client Claire Wilkinson (photographer: Robbie Quinn)
So last week I shared with readers DJs' pet peeves when interviewing artists for their radio shows.  Those artists who are experienced in doing radio interviews have their own likes and dislikes about how DJs conduct interviews as well.  Some of the same advice that was given for artists in last week's blog also applies to DJs.

For instance, just as the DJ hopes the artist takes the time to do some research on their station and their listeners, artists hope the DJ takes the time to do some research on them and their music as well.  I've heard complaints from numerous artists that this just doesn't happen.  They can often tell that the DJ looked over the talking points only minutes before the interview.  If DJs want the interview to flow and sound more like a casual conversation and show a relationship with the artist, they have to do their part too by also doing research instead of expecting just the artist to do so.

Also, artists aren't real thrilled when you start the interview with "What's been going on?"  This question shows that the DJ may not have done his or her research since it's such a broad and open-ended question.  Yes, the artist is there to talk about his or her latest single or upcoming show, but DJs need to show from the wording of the question that they are keeping up with what's going on with the artist.  The listeners of the station expect their DJs to know the latest news about artists and rely on that knowledge so they too can learn the latest.

Finally, artists appreciate it when they are presented with fresh questions that are unique and different to the same old ones they get asked at every other station.  It makes for a more natural and more interesting interview.

As important as it is for the artist to build relationships with radio staff, it's important for the radio staff to do so as well since relationships are not a one-way street.  Doing so makes for better radio and leads to success for both parties.  It's a win-win!

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