Monday, April 11, 2011

Stop the Insanity!

Wonder why your talent is not getting the attention it deserves?  Check out this recent blog from music industry veteran Lang Bliss:
What Does Carpal Tunnel Have to Do With My Show Not Working?
I’m piggybacking off of Tom’s recent blog about a Berklee student about to go insane because she’s done so much work, spent large dollars, and expended huge energy in pursuit of the BIG LABEL DEAL… and it hasn’t worked.
I recently ran into the exact same experience with a couple of artists I’m working with. One has some huge doors opening to him in the industry; another, big management, big producer. But at the end of the day, both artists have been counseled to “just get out there and play a lot.”
Why? Because the “big wigs” don’t feel their live shows are up to a level they need to be in order for the labels to make the final commitment of signing them.
I just spoke at an Indie Connect meeting yesterday and I told the story of a guy who was at drumming school with me. An extremely dedicated guy, he practiced so hard (and incorrectly, to make my point) that he got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
All of us have done something wrong and kept doing it wrong, thinking that at some point in time it will finally work; you know the old “definition of insanity” phrase.
When I heard what the “big wigs” had counseled I thought of that drummer at school. I think their counsel is crazy making! Getting out to do a bunch of shows in hopes that you’ll get a great show (when you don’t know what to do), is, at the least, a lot of wasted time and energy, and probably very frustrating.
At the worst, you could end up messing things up so much that the few (or one!) opportunity you may get to truly propel your career to new heights may never come to pass again. You end up thinking that you really “knew” what you were doing, and you fall into the self-deluded mindset of “they just couldn’t see what I had to offer.”
I really don’t mean to sound harsh; I’ve been there; confused at why something didn’t work when I thought for sure it should have, and nobody there to tell me why it didn’t work – because they didn’t know either.
Unlearning bad habits is much harder than learning correctly and practicing those things to the point of self confidence. The process of our Live Music Method is so clearly effective that I feel confident that we can help just about anybody become a much better performer; we can help guide you through the process effectively.
Please don’t waste your valuable time and energy “just getting out there.” We can and want to help you maximize your performance efforts!
A great way to make sure your efforts are fruitful is to get a hold of our 7 DVD set All Roads Lead to the Stage. It is packed with the info you need to succeed at this thing we do called music.
Unlearning old habits can also include those habits of either dressing the same way you did when you were in your garage band or continuing to buy clothing that does not work for your body and/or your image (go back and look again at that definition of "insanity").  Don't "just get out there" and go shopping alone!  paNASH Style spends time with its clients to teach them how to shop, what to look for to update their look that best complements their image and flatters their body, and where to find it (CLICK HERE to set up an initial consultation).  If you learn to dress your body not only in clothes that you like but also in clothes that like you (hello!), your total package will have just the right wrapping it needs to catch the eye of the right people!

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