Monday, April 18, 2011

The Feeling Must Be Mutual

So many times I see people wearing things that they like because of how it looks on others, but can't honestly and realistically see how it looks on them no matter how many mirrors they look in.  They see the person in their head who the outfit works for instead of what is staring them back in the face.  Then there is the opposite type of distorted self-image...the one where someone will look dynamite in an outfit but they just can't see it.  Everyone else can, but they can't.  They think they are too this or too that to wear something so fabulous. 

As you've read several times in my blog, I talk about how important it is for my clients to like what they're wearing or they will not exude confidence.  Well, in actuality, the clothes have to like the client too.  They have to fit the person's body, personality, musical style (if they are an artist), and lifestyle.  If an outfit doesn't at least fit the body, it doesn't matter how much the client likes the outfit, it will not work.  The feeling must be mutual. 

It's time to take a step out of the fun house of mirrors that distort your view in so many different ways, and take an honest look at your wardrobe with someone who can help you.  It's one thing to like an article of clothing, but when it also likes you and hugs you in all the right places, then you know it's right for you!  Let me help you see that.

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