Monday, March 14, 2011

Who's Who? Part 2

Last August I wrote a blog where I posted a picture of two people, a DJ and a recording artist (click here to read).  I posted it to make a point because it was nearly impossible to determine between the two men in the photo which one was the recording artist and which one was the DJ.  This point is also in line with the topic of the presentation I had the honor to present at last week's Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) international web cast.  The topic was "Your Image is Your Brand." 

Image doesn't take the place of talent, but instead rounds out the total package and provides a distinct visual that is brought to your audience's mind when they think of you, which is considered a brand.  Branding is not just for recording artists, but also for songwriters (check out hit-songwriter Rivers Rutherford's web site to see what a great image and brand he has), industry executives, business owners, and others.

So, once again, I provide you with a photo to support my point and invite you to take a guess as to who is/are the artist(s) and who is/are the DJ(s) in the photo.  Have a great week!

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