Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's FINALLY Spring! Spring 2011 Fashion Trends

Now that we have finally dug out from all the snow this year, it's time to put on something that will give you a little SPRING in your step.  This year's Spring trends (does everyone know the difference between a "trend" and a "fad"?) are fun and bold! 

  • COLOR BLOCKING: A great way to hide figure flaws and play up your assets, all with a little 60s and 80s feel.
  • 70s CHIC:  While I'm not quite ready to give up my skinny jeans just yet (I love how versatile they are), it's time to add in some faded denim flared jeans along with some other 70s chic such as cords and billowy sleeved tops.
  • ALL-WHITE:  A simple and streamlined look that will make you look taller (monochromatics always do!) and keep you cool in warmer weather.
  • FLORALS WITH AN EDGE:  Florals always tend to be popular in spring, but paired with more utilitarian and structured pieces helps balance softness with toughness.
  • MIXED PRINTS:  Mixing textures and patterns is one of my favorite ways to get creative with clothing.  Yes, you can mix prints, but you have to make sure they work by keeping them within the same color palette and using different size prints (a good way to start experimenting with this is to mix a bold pattern with a very subtle/small pattern).  I can remember in junior high when I paired a subtle pattern with a bolder pattern, both in the same color palette, and my friends laughed at me because I wasn't all "matchy-matchy" like they were.  I guess I was just ahead of my time!
  • SIMPLY SHEER:  Sheer garments are a trend that we saw in last spring's fashions and have been seeing for some time over the past few years (hence, it's a trend, not a fad). 

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