Monday, April 6, 2009

ACM Awards/Orange Carpet Fashion Review

Okay, I have just a couple thoughts to share about the looks from last night’s ACM awards because the NCAA championship game is about to start (go HEELS!), so I’ll keep it short:

Liked Taylor’s red dress on the orange carpet, but Taylor is still too young to be wearing that shade of red. Give it another year or two Taylor.

Miley’s dress for the orange carpet was my absolute favorite of the entire night. Didn’t see too many others that just blew me away.

Carrie always looks great no matter what she wears and I liked each of her outfits, EXCEPT for the monsterous-size dress in which she performed “I Told You So.” When I first saw the dress, my immediate thought was “is Randy Travis going to pop out from underneath it?” And when he didn’t, I never quite got the point of the dress. That would have been funny though if he had been hiding underneath it, right? Talk about a magic trick!

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