Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Thrill Is Gone, But It Doesn't Have To Be

My dad sent me a funny little thing entitled: "The Thrill Of Shopping With A Woman." It was filled with photos of men forced to spend a shopping day with their wives. Some even included their children in the pictures who looked just as "thrilled" as the husbands. I imagine this experience for men is the equivalent of the last two minutes of a football game for a woman - something that seems like a never-ending personal hell.

But, there is relief in sight! Men, you can fulfill your wife's shopping desires while at the same time getting to stay home and watch your favorite team play in the big game! How is this possible you ask? Just treat your wife to a personal shopping day with her very own stylist/personal shopper! She'll appreciate your thoughtfulness and will be able to enjoy the day without having to be rushed or feel guilty for subjecting you to some uncomfortable purse-holding and endless "how does this look?" questioning. And don't worry, our stylists/personal shoppers are not here to help your wife spend a bunch of money. No, we are going to make sure we only visit stores that are within a set budget and provide several money-saving tips and smart purchasing advice.

Ladies, you know just how fun shopping can be, and how much more thrilling it can be without the guys around. Instead of subjecting your husband and kids to this...

...you'll have the freedom to shop guilt-free while being treated like a VIP. And instead of getting just a grunt when wanting to know how something looks, you'll receive expert advice on what works for your body type. And trust me, when your husband sees you in the most flattering outfit we've chosen for your body type, you'll definitely get more than just a grunt! He'll be happy, and you'll be happy. It's a win-win!

So ladies, if this is something you would love to have, a day of pampered shopping, feel free to share this post with your man, letting him know what a great Valentine's gift it would be to receive a paNASH Style gift certificate.

Guys, if you want to be a hero with the most unique Valentine's gift idea, don't hesitate to contact us about purchasing a personal shopping day for your special love. We're here to make shopping fun and painless for everyone involved!

Please forgive any unintentional sexism in this post. It's meant to be all in good fun!

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