Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How You Can Get The Red Carpet Treatment

Tonight is an exciting night here in Nashville. It's the annual CMA awards and all your favorite country music stars are getting ready for the red carpet.

We all know these stars have the help of talented wardrobe stylists to assist them in creating just the right look for the red carpet. I'm sure it sounds like a dream to have your own wardrobe stylist helping you look perfect, but that dream is not all that far-fetched. While most of our clients are recording artists, we also have several clients who come from all walks of life and live very normal lives of working an 8-5 job or being a busy mom. I have so much fun working with these clients and they will tell you the benefits of having your own stylist and image consultant aren't just for the stars.

A recent post states that those people from all walks of life who hire image consultants do so for a variety of reasons. Here are their top five reasons for doing so:
  1. For visual impact; to get noticed and make heads turn.
  2. To improve their presence and self-confidence in the workplace. 
  3. To discover and strengthen their personal and/or professional brand - online and in person.
  4. To build recognition, respect, and credibility in their industry.
  5. To improve their life skills and relationship skills (relationships are so important in both your career and personal life), skills such as etiquette, protocol, and civility.
I've seen firsthand the results of the work we've done for our clients, including increased salary due to job promotions and career changes, stronger marital relationships, and an overall more positive outlook and self-image. If you think it's time you deserve some red-carpet treatment for any reason, check out our services to see how we can make you feel and look good in person, on paper, at special events, and more!

Good luck tonight to all the CMA nominees! (Check out our recent picks for red carpet looks on our Red Carpet Pinterest Board.) 

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