Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Peek Inside The paNASH Style Closet: Something Old, Something New, Something Handmade (Accessories)

In this blog post I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite accessories from my closet.

Something Old

Something Old: This is the very first ring my father ever gave to my mother (before her engagement ring). My mother loved rings, and over the course of their 44 years of marriage my dad had gotten her several unique pieces. When she passed away, she left her collection of rings to both my sister and me. We each chose our favorites and the ones that had special meaning to us. I have four of her rings, three of which I occasionally wear, and one serves as a keepsake (my mother's birthstone ring). This particular ring in the photo above I'm sure was rather inexpensive since my dad was only about 18 or 19 when he bought it (he gave it to her in the mid-1950s) and was saving up for her engagement ring not too long after. At the time he was only able to afford something with a few diamond chips as opposed to an entire stone, but I love elegant design surrounding the tiny sparkles of diamond, and I wear quite often as a reminder of my parents' love for each other.

Something New

Something New: Since I'm usually shopping for clients, I rarely make time to shop for myself (at least not as much as I did before starting paNASH Style). This past spring I went with a friend to the Southern Women's Show and registered for a drawing at one of the booths. After the event I quickly forgot about my entry until a week later when I got a call saying my name had been drawn and that I had won a $500 shopping spree at Nordstrom's! I was so excited because I had really been wanting to add some new pieces to my spring and summer wardrobe but didn't want to spend too much money. Not thinking $500 would stretch very far at Nordstrom's, I actually found three dresses (all at retail price!) and these awesome pair of slingback shoes (on sale). I love these heels because a) they are comfortable, b) the contrast of the black and tan means they go with just about everything, and c) despite the band going across the top of the foot/ankle, they actually elongate the leg. I also love the accents of gold on the strap and the heel!

Something Handmade

Something Handmade: This spring I stumbled upon Tangled Nest, a local, Middle Tennessee company owned by Kimberly Grisham, Kristin Cowen, and Ashlee Hackett that makes handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry like the necklace above. They use vintage pieces, unique charms, and glass Picasso and Czech beads in their creations. No two pieces are exactly alike, and they allow their jewelry designs to evolve with time, mixing things up to ensure fresh looks that are complimentary to the evolution of their personal style. Be sure to check out their latest designs at

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