Friday, April 18, 2014

A Peek Inside The paNASH Style Closet: Spring Colors

One of my favorite color combinations I'm seeing in nature right now is purple and green. I love this time of year when small purple blooms blend in with newly sprouted bright green leaves and grass. Spring is here, and so is Easter, my favorite holiday!

Here I put together an outfit that echoes those colors of both spring and Easter. Paired with a dark wash jean from The Gap, this light green, "springy" blazer is one I've had for nearly 10 years and was perfect for the cool temperatures early this morning. The pale green jacket (yes, it may look like yellow in the photo, but trust me, it's green!) compliments the deep purple convertible-sleeve Portofino top from Express. There are subtle hints of green also in my favorite pair of heels I've had for almost as long as the blazer, pulling the look together.

Green represents new beginning, restoration, and eternal life, just like our Savior's resurrection which we will be commemorating this Sunday. Purple represents the Lord's royalty and majesty. The tree of life necklace is a gift from a very special friend, and serves as a reminder that Jesus gave us the gift of life by dying on a tree for our sins.
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