Monday, March 31, 2014

Garnering Attention From Music Industry Executives

image consulting, media coaching, wardrobe styling
While there are a lot of artists such as Macklemore gaining success without a label, it doesn't mean they did it all by themselves. This article entitled "MIDEM Blog - Artists Still Need Label Services" by Don Cusic explains why.

Some of the clients I work with are pitching themselves to labels or publishers and need help in preparing for that process (i.e. having the right look, being able to present themselves well and answer the question "Why should we sign you?"). But the many independent clients (who want to remain independent) that I work with still have to build a team of music industry experts to help them succeed in their music careers. Now, from an indie artist's perspective, hopefully he/she/they would want the best team of experts they can afford, but from the experts' perspective, they have their choice of bands and artists to work with since there are so many of them.

Indie artists who don't want to be under a record label still have to garner the attention of other industry executives to build the most effective team. 

The principles that apply in attracting a label are the same ones that apply in attracting a strong team, which means not only having the talent, but also looking the part and being prepared to sell yourself in the initial meeting. In other words, showing them why they should invest their time and expertise in you.

One of my early clients was a band who understood the importance of this. They had a particular producer they knew they wanted to work with for their next project. They knew this producer was in high demand and had his pick of artists to produce. The band's game plan was to update their image and schedule a photo shoot for some new promo photos. So, they hired paNASH Style. We created a look for them that was reflective of their style of music. While we gave each band member their own separate look, we still maintained uniformity and continuity within the group, tying together an overall band look.
image consulting, media coaching, wardrobe styling
paNASH Style client CrossTie
When asked why the producer agreed to work with the band, he commented on the fact that they looked like they had already achieved success. "They looked like the real deal," he said. This is another example that, whether right or wrong, people often make decisions based on what they see instead of just what they hear. This is why image is important to an artist's career. We are in a time in the industry where in order to compete, you have to have the total package.

I'll give you another example. A client of mine who came to me already with a great look and style needed help with media interviews and upcoming meetings with music publishers. We spent time preparing her for commonly asked questions and how to articulate what made her unique. Immediately after her meeting with a large music publisher, she sent me a text saying they had asked her everything I had covered with her in our sessions together. She said they commented on the fact that in addition to having the talent and the look, she was one of few who was able to answer their questions and show confidence in her answers. She ended up not signing with that publisher...she instead signed with an even bigger publisher! She was the one who became in demand!
image consulting, media coaching, wardrobe styling
paNASH Style client Jordyn Mallory signing with BMG Chrysalis
Again, you have to have the total package, which is more than just talent and looks. Is there someone in particular in the industry you hope will take notice of you and want to work with you? Let us help you garner their attention and blow them away!

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