Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pinterest Inspiration For Your Own Wardrobe

It's fun to use Pinterest to pin pictures of our dream vacations, dream homes and even dream wardrobes. But there’s also a practical side to Pinterest that helps us solve problems with new ways of doing things, using pins that we can easily put into action to make life a little more simple. Sure there are the epic Pinterest fails where our attempts don't quite end up looking like the original pin photo. But there are also the Pinterest successes that make us say to ourselves, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

I often hear that same question from my clients when styling them. While doing wardrobe and closet edits for them, they often exclaim they never would have thought about pairing their current garments in some of the ways I do for them. Or, when shopping in stores, they frequently tell me that they would have passed on by some of the items I pull for them, therefore missing out on a great piece that works so well for their body type and their style goals.

"You can easily re-pin the items we provide you to your own Pinterest boards."

One of the advantages of working with us is that in addition to personally shopping with you, we often send you outfit ideas we find on Pinterest that we know will work specifically for your lifestyle and your body type. You'll find this helpful for when you are trying to put outfit ideas together when we're not around. You can easily re-pin the items we provide you to your own Pinterest boards and eventually incorporate it into your own wardrobe, which takes the guess work out of the dreaded "What am I going to wear?!" dilemma.

"Don't just get some paNASH, get some PINash! "

Those who aren't current paNASH Style clients can get style ideas from our many style boards on our Pinterest page, but with over 30 boards and close to 2,000 pins, how will you ever know which looks work for you and which don't? So don't just get some paNASH, get some PINash! Contact us now and let us help you create a board of pins you'll actually use instead of just dream about!

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