Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Starting Out Slow: Basic Image Consulting for Songwriters and Others

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Photo by Mike Melrose, Creative Commons

Today I'm going to be working with a songwriter who wants a look that will help him stand out while networking at writers' rounds and other music industry events. He understands the importance of having an image and style that adds credibility to his talents in a very competitive industry. Some people assume that songwriters are "behind the scenes" and don't have to worry about their image the way performing artists do, but if they want to attract the right people (i.e. publishers for a publishing deal, artists who will want to cut their songs, etc.), they have to look like they have their act together. (See "A Publisher's Viewpoint on a Songwriter's Image")

When I initially met with this particular songwriter, he said this was something he's known he needs to do for over a year now, but is very methodical in making decisions regarding change. "I like to dip my toe in the pool first before diving in," he says. Although he knows after over a year it's time to start learning how to incorporate an image into his career efforts, he's not ready to spend a lot of money on a whole bunch of new clothing at once. I get that.

I could see in our first meeting that he really wanted to take this step to advance his songwriting career, but was a little hesitant. I asked him would it be better for him if we went to some stores just to try on clothes and not make any actual purchases? That way he could see how things are supposed to fit on him and could learn which clothing worked best for his body type so that when he was ready to invest in new clothing, he would know what to look for on his own. He suddenly seemed both at ease and excited once this option was presented to him.

A lot of people can be intimidated at the thought of a wardrobe makeover. They assume that a makeover entails buying new clothing, but not always. It can include a simple wardrobe edit where we come in and make new outfits out of what you already own, or it can just be a learning experience on how to shop for yourself when you're ready to invest in new digs. If the idea of doing either some "personal window shopping" or a wardrobe edit is more within your comfort zone, let us know and we can discuss that as an option!

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