Wednesday, September 25, 2013

7 Signs It's Time to Improve Your Image

Below is a re-post of a blog entry from a few months ago. I thought it was timely since I will be speaking about the process of updating your image at this Saturday's Tom Jackson Bootcamp. Enjoy!

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On the paNASH Style web site, there are some before and after photos of our clients showing the difference in a client's look and style both prior to working with us and after. But what those photos don't capture is the "invisible after," the person's transformed confidence and competence in presenting their best image. They also don't capture what happens in that thin line that runs down the middle of the page separating the before and after photos, the ever important process of getting from "before" (point A) to "after" (point B). Oh how I wish I could provide a visual of what goes on within that thin but very active line. It's the place where the magic happens...where the clients' awareness of their needs for improvement collides with the how-to.

But, before clients can get to the thin line and then cross over it into the "after," they have to first know why they need an "after." So, how do you know why and when it's time for an "after" in your own image? There is a great article I came across a couple weeks ago that lists several signs it's time to reinvent your personal brand. These signs can apply to musicians, entrepreneurs, or anyone really. I've taken the liberty to post them here (with a little tweaking of the wording to appeal to this particular audience; click here for the full article). Read through them carefully and see if any of these apply to you. If so, it may be time to schedule an initial consultation for some branding and imaging services.

  1. Rebirth. You’re at a new phase in life [or your career] and you want to be known for something different.
  2. Rebound. You’ve been laid off [or lost a gig] and need to ensure you’re in the best position possible to land a new job [or gig] quickly.
  3. Advancement. You want to move up in your company [or industry] and you need to take control of your reputation.
  4. Misconceptions. You’ve been trying to win a promotion [or a deal], but feel you’re being held back by misconceptions about what you’re capable of.
  5. New challenges. You’d like to move into a different area of your music or your company, [perhaps from management to marketing].
  6. Youth. You’re just starting out in your career and haven’t built up [enough experience] yet, so you need to find another way to stand out.
  7. Career change. You’re changing careers and need to make a compelling case that your unusual background is an asset, not a liability.
Many of our clients have experienced at least one of these situations and have found the various services we have available to be very helpful in making a positive change. And as you can see, there's a lot more to it than just putting some new clothes on your body. At paNASH Style, we don't work with clothes. We work with the people in the clothes. The clothes just happen to be one of many tools used to get you to your "after."
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