Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Focus On This: You ARE More Attractive Than You Think!

If you haven't yet seen the viral video "Dove Real Beauty Sketches," it's a definite must-see. Watching it reminded me of something I read a few years back that said we are all at least 10% more attractive to others than we think we are.

I see this unfortunate truth when I work with clients on their wardrobe, especially with women. They often tend to focus negatively on the areas of their body they like least instead of focusing positively on their best assets.

Sometimes I also see this same response in a few of my male clients, but most of them don't let such things get to them, or at least they are able to maintain a good sense of humor about their own "figure flaws." I think the spoof of the Dove Real Beauty Sketches video (one you probably haven't seen yet) is a hilarious reminder of just how different men and women are (Google it if you really want to watch it).

What I've learned in my experience as an image consultant is that all of us (regardless of gender, shape or size) have things we don't like about our bodies; but more importantly, I've learned those are usually the things that no one else even notices.

Whether female or male, I always ask my clients to include in their intake form their best physical asset along with their best inner-beauty asset so we can spend our time and energy emphasizing those positive qualities instead of focusing on the negative. What are you spending your time and energy focusing on?

Psalm 139:14

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