Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Telling Your Story in Media Interviews

Photo by Rachel Lyra Hospodar, Creative Commons

Recently I came across some great tips that can help bands, solo acts, and even other public figures (i.e. authors and speakers) best prepare for their upcoming media interviews. Since media coaching is one of the services I provide my clients, I can say that blogger Simon Tam has done an awesome job in this article of setting up a great starting point for this type of preparation.

Probably one of the most important points in the article (they're all important, but this is the one that keeps listeners glued to the interview), is #4 in the "During the Interview" section: tell a story. People prefer to hear "slice-of-life" stories that paint a picture. It's what keeps them engaged.

However, when I do media coaching with my clients, what happens many times is the client comes into the session assuming that either they don't have any stories of interest to share, or no one wants to hear their stories. This couldn't be further from the truth!

Sometimes it takes someone like me, an observer looking in from the outside, to hold up a mirror to the client so he or she can see the beautifully woven tapestry of (sometimes not-so-beautiful) happenings and experiences that make up his or her life. Then, we work on coming up with an authentic and articulate way to tell that story that is just as beautiful, or funny, or heartwarming which will endear my client to the audience, thus creating an ever-growing following.

This is why I so enjoy this particular image consulting service I provide my clients. I get to see their story from so many different angles and help make it beautiful for others to enjoy and appreciate.

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