Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Making An Impact With Your Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication

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Photo by Tony Hisgett, Creative Commons
SXSW is quickly approaching and if you're an indie artist planning to attend, it's important to make a good first impression with all the people you meet there. This is true for all artists attending, not just those who will be showcasing. In fact, an article featured on just yesterday gives great tips on how to best present yourself to a variety of contacts with whom you'll interact.  

Of those tips in the article "8 Ways to Take on SXSW," two talk about specific areas of an artist's image with which I help my clients:  their clothing and their elevator speech (I actually prefer the term "impactful dialogue" since it should be an exchange of how you can help each other instead of you just talking about yourself).

Even if you're not an artist attending SXSW this year, you need these tools to make a good first impression in any event such as a music industry networking event (hello! - CRS is happening right now as we speak...Are you prepared?), a meet-and-greet with your fans, or a highly sought-after meeting with a label. And even if you're not a singer, you too need to understand the importance of these tools because everyone is an artist at something!

How do you let others know what you have to offer? What assumptions will they make about your offerings based on how you're dressed? The "impactful dialogue" is what you say with words, but the way you dress is what you say with non-verbal cues. Are you saying something that will have an impact? If you're not sure, or what you've tried before isn't working, let us know. We can help you with both your verbal and non-verbal communication so that you always make a positive impact!

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