Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review, Rest, Renew

Yes, I know, I'm a few weeks behind on my blog.  It's been a hectic couple of weeks with new clients, speaking engagements, and more.  I'm looking forward to a few days off this week and then getting back into full swing for awards/red carpet season and more new clients and speaking engagements. 

In fact, one of my speaking engagements from this past week's NSAI SongPosium covered a lot of info on how recording artists can best present themselves in radio interviews and other media interviews.  One portion of that presentation was based off a blog I wrote back in March that bears repeating this week.  Click here for the full blog.  Also, if you are a member of NSAI, you can catch the info I shared in my international webinar that can be viewed from the "members only" section of the NSAI web site

Enjoy!  I promise new blog material coming soon once I catch my breath!

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