Monday, July 12, 2010

"You’ve Got the Look (we hope)" by Amy Wolter

This week's blog posting is actually from a blog written last year by live music producer Amy Wolter of Tom Jackson Productions. In it she discusses the importance of an artist's or band's look. Amy and I have had numerous conversations with each other about this topic because of what we each do in our jobs, and we share the same opinion on it. I love this posting by Amy because she cites some very specific examples of what I refer to as "dysfashionables" (which basically means dysfunctional dressing - Note: this term refers to the clothing, not the person wearing the clothing!). These examples really paint a picture! Enjoy!
"You've Got the Look (we hope)" by Amy Wolter

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  1. Interesting blog. Even though I'm not in the music biz, I could relate because I read an article last week where singer Michael Buble said that he always wore suits when he performed because the thought the audience deserved taht respect (or something like that - I'm paraphrasing). All of his backing folks were dressed in either suits (all black) or at least with black shirts and tie to match their black pants. It definitely was the appropriate vibe for the show (I went to his concert this past Saturday night). I certainly go to shows to hear the music, but what someone is wearing can definitely be distracting if it seems out of place.


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