Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 Prep Steps For Media Interviews

Yesterday I had a record label rep ask me when is the ideal time to hire paNASH for an artist's new single release. I based my response on the assumption that it is a new act that has not had a lot of media exposure yet, and if that is the actual case, then it's never too early. Mainly, this is because one of the services we provide is media coaching, and an artist never knows when a media outlet, whether large or small, will call and say, "Are you available tomorrow morning for an interview?" This is especially true if the act is already getting some buzz, or even better, has had something about their music go viral. The artist has to be ready to talk about his or her work and self on a moment's notice. The ability to do it smoothly comes with preparation.

What does that preparation include? It includes all of the following:
  1. Determining what message you want to get across, specifically one that is consistent with your image. This message could be an announcement about a new release or some other noteworthy happening in your career.
  2. Deciding the best way to articulate that message, which always involves making it interesting to audiences so they will stay tuned in for the duration of the interview. This is done through telling stories that audiences can relate to and sharing what I call "slice-of-life" anecdotes.
  3. Formulating your stories in an organized way so that audiences can clearly understand what you're describing.
  4. Being prepared for commonly asked questions (or questions from the talking points you've provided) with answers that are authentic instead of "canned."
  5. Knowing how to think on your feet when you get unexpected or tricky questions.
We are passionate about teaching our clients how to do all of the above because image is about so much more than just looking good. Do you have some media interviews coming up? Are you prepared? Let us help you. Email us or go online to complete our artist submission form. We'd love to provide an initial assessment of your coaching needs.

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