Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spring 2013 Fashions: Let Them Inspire You

This past weekend here in Nashville, temperatures were in the upper 60s and lower 70s, which is rather unusual for January.  Then two days later, winter returned with freezing rain and freezing temperatures.  I found myself asking a random stranger, "How many days until spring?" 

Even though it may not be spring yet, it doesn't mean we can't start planning for spring now by checking out the Spring 2013 fashion trends.

BUT, before we jump into those trends, I want to warn against becoming a slave to fashion trends (or any trends for that matter).  You can become a slave when you follow them instead of allowing them to inspire you. 

So, when checking out the latest spring trends, think about how inspiration from the new trends can breathe life into the warmer weather items you already own.  In fact, this is one of the things we will be discussing at my next "Dress Your Best" workshop.

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends:
  • Belted floral dresses:  I love this trend because I love belts!  They are one of the must-haves for every wardrobe, yet when I do closet edits, I notice that a lot of my clients either don't have many belts or don't wear the ones they have.  Belts are a staple because they can complete and tie an outfit together while also emphasizing the narrowest part of your waist.  I also like the trend of the floral dress because for some time now it has been my mission to rid the world of boring work attire (check out my idea of professional attire with style and personality on my Pinterest board "Alternative Job Interview Attire").  My mission is becoming a reality now because Spring 2013 fashion trends are made to add softness, personality and style to the corporate world.  The longer hems (just at the knee) are what make them appropriate for the office.  You can also still throw a blazer over the dress if more structure is needed or on those early spring mornings when it's still cold in the morning and warmer in the afternoon.  

  • Collarless blouses:  This is another example of a move from structure to softness, replacing stiff business shirts with a sensual Mediterranean mood.  Just make sure that if you are wearing these in the office, ones with a higher neckline are more appropriate.  Add a camisole under anything that may be too low-cut or too sheer for an office environment. 

  • Slash-neck tees:  T-shirts are now sophisticated in delicate and luxurious fabrics and slash necklines.

  • Boulce suiting:  If you are still required to wear a suit instead of a dress to work, opt for these looks but also learn how to mix and match them with less conservative items in your closet. 

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